Saturday, 25 February 2017

How To Use Any Android Smartphone As A Tracking Device

Gone are the days when you used to buy a separate tracking device for sharing your location. Android smartphones equipped with GPS feature is the new way of tracking and sharing the location. It is also important to note that the Government of India has decided that no mobile phone can be sold in the country without global positioning system (GPS) from January 1, 2017. With 220 million users, India is now world’s second-biggest smartphone market and Google’s Android captures 97% Indian smartphone market share. When your phone is capable enough to capture the GPS signal, it's time to get rid of those age old tracking devices. In today's smartphone market the GPS equipped Android mobiles are available at a competitive and affordable price range starting with as low as 2000 rupees. Step into the new way of tracking and sharing your location anytime anywhere.

Welcome to the new era of live GPS location sharing

Peptrack brings you the comfort of using your android smartphone as live GPS tracking device without any additional cost. Considering the safety and security of the passengers, Peptrack provides this service absolutely free. All you need is GPS enabled Android phone.

How to use the service?

First you need to create an account in Peptrack. Please click here to register and create your new account. Provide your email id in the first step to receive the verification code. You may have to check your spam folder in case you don' find it in the inbox. Once the verification code is confirmed in the second step, provide the account password and tracking url. Tracking url is the one which can be shared with your friends who wants to track your location. Here is a sample tracking url for your reference:

Tracking instructions:

To make your Android phone as tracking device, you will have to install the GPS Logger app on your mobile phone which is freely available in Google Play. Click here to install this app on your Android phone. GPS logger is a lightweight and battery efficient opensource Android application. Once you install the app you will have to enable the feature Log to custom URL which is available in Logging details of the application settings. Once this feature is enabled, you will have to replace the existing default URL with that of your Peptrack custom URL.

From where will I get my Peptrack custom URL?

If you have created your account in Peptrack, login using your registered email id and password. Once logged in you will have to click on the link Tracking instructions. Find your custom URL on the 4th slide. Copy this URL and paste it into the custom URL of the Android GPS logger app.

You can also customize any other GPS logger settings as per your requirements. As you can see in the below screenshot I have selected GPS as location providers and kept the logging interval at 15 seconds. Note that slower logging interval is better for battery life. Increase the time in seconds to get more battery life time. Keep the Time in seconds at 30 or 60 for long journeys.

Once you are done with the app settings it's time to get started. First you need to enable your smartphone's GPS. Make sure that you have an Android smartphone with GPS feature.

Final step is to start the GPS logger. Make sure that you have enabled data (Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier data) so that your location can be shared live. The application consumes very minimum amount of data even though if you keep it on 24x7.

You can share your location privately or publicly. Private code is required to access the privately shared GPS location URL. You can always contact to Peptrack for getting any help.

GPS tracking through your Android smartphone is now more secure and reliable. The current smart phones equipped with GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS will provide more accuracy than those traditional GPS tracking devices. Also you are free to choose any mobile carrier (airtel, jio, vodafone, bsnl etc) as per your requirements.

Please provide your comments for any suggestions or clarifications. I am always happy to help you :) 

Here is a demo video from Peptrack.